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Alternatively, a younger woman would be more adaptive and learn faster.

Younger women would make ideal partners as they not only grasp things faster but are also flexible enough to do away with the convention.

In addition, they are financially and socially more stable.

This trait would definitely benefit a couple who is looking for a steady life and quick settlement.

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The phone calls were too long If you are talking for an hour at a time this is much too long.

I want for everyone to have Epic Communication Being a good communicator does not mean talking constantly. My Epic Dating buddy sent me a message on Facebook the other day, and it really got me thinking. He wanted to clarify the difference between talking and chatting.

He said he’s been chatting with a new woman who is smart, educated and attractive. He said “talking is high quality communication in which both people flow back and forth between speaking and listening. The words that came from your mouth that are filling the room, are now going into the cookie jar. Putting the lid on, doesn’t mean you can never say these words.

My friend asked if women consider it rude behavior. He also said he finds it very unattractive and has observed this behavior in MANY women. Imagine everything you want to say in actual letters and words coming out of your mouth. You can dish them out slowly when you want to give someone a treat. Keep some space in between each cookie you share with someone.

I hope you are not one of these women, but when you get into your head, you are not paying attention. Are you wanting to fill the space with your thoughts and your words, so you can feel like you are in control of something? Kind of like on Sesame Street or another children’s show. If you talk too much and don’t listen enough, it’s like eating a whole jar of cookies. And build up the anticipation of having another cookie another day.

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