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Now available in two attractive finishes, Satin Nickel and Rustic Bronze, to complement any project - from chests, to boxes, to storage units, and more! Hinges are available in 15, 30, 40, and 60 inch-pound ratings.

Features: I purchased three earlier today in Houston.

Each door will weigh around 40 lb but the weight would sit differently than a lid so I need to be sure they'll support that weight and operate properly. the calculator says I need 407 but also says the lid is over the recommended limit. Just had a blanket chest built for my wife that was fairly large (24×57) out of cherry, top is 3/4 " thick, so quite heavy.

She might slip both hands under the other’s arm pits and around her back, or drape one arm over her rival’s shoulder as the other hand comes up low from the opposite side.

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Electric buzzers unlock gates, the sounds of maximum security echoing on the state property steeped in America’s dark history of insane asylums shuttered long ago as inhumane.

The interview unfolded in a cafeteria-style room, and guards sat at a nearby desk during the hour-long questioning of Raul Laguerre Jr., one of 231 men confined there indefinitely under New York’s civil commitment law for sex offenders.

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