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When you do finally have a list that , feel free to run it past your friends, family, and therapist (if you have one) for input.These people know and care about you, and they may have some useful input.

Most likely, you are going after the type of relationship that your mother thinks you should be in or that your friends seem to have, even though that's not the type of relationship that will make you happy at this point in your life. So, if you do this exercise and find that your goals are more about meeting someone else's expectations (those of your parents, your pals, your church, or society at large) and less about making yourself happy, you might want to revamp your list.

The website reports that the couple are thought to have met in May this year at the Cannes Film Festival.

The photos have caused controversy as model Jeremy, 33, is supposedly still married to wife Melissa and they have two children together.

In Saudi Arabia, check out Pizza Fusion’s organic pizza.

In Abu Dhabi, go out for some sustainable fish at one of Le Royal Meridien’s restaurants.3. Take your date out to see the sunset on a bike, enjoying some nice scenery and some exercise along the way.

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