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he impact of the explosion sent Muhammad Safdar flying backwards.

He looked up from where he had landed and saw that the windows of his parked ambulance had shattered.

I'm introverted and low energy, so I enjoy a lot of alone time, or spending my time in low energy environments.

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Ive been an Animal Control Officer for 8 years now, and I have a huge respect for mother nature, …

The fourth season of "Homeland" take viewers to Pakistan and Afghanistan, or at least some version of those countries.

But Pakistanis who watched the recent premiere are angry with the many inaccuracies they've found, saying the show might stoke unwarranted fears about their country.

In Pakistan, the struggle against the local version of the Taliban is spreading, and not just in terms of terrorism.

The group has muscled its way into the crime scene in Karachi, Pakistan, a booming city with lucrative opportunities in things like kidnapping and extortion.

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