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If you are streaming indoors, like kittens or puppies, then you have a lot of leeway in your camera setup. You can also use professional cameras as well, although will need a capture card if you do.

A lot of animal streaming is not done indoors, though. In this scenario, IP cameras, or security/surveillance cameras, are a good bet for wildlife streaming.

Receive alerts for loss of communication, current GPS location data and system up-time.

Earth Cam provides you with vital information needed to keep remote systems up and running at peak performance levels.

In fact, many animal live streams are done with no audio at all.

You can either use a cameraman for your live stream or you can set the camera up on a hidden and secure place if you want to stream live 24/7.

You will need a good quality camera for your streaming.

Depending on your strategy, a microphone might also be needed, but not required.

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Track trends in system performance and respond to issues such as obstructed wireless antennas or degraded throughput due to changing site conditions which could otherwise lead to possible outages.

So the first thing to do is answer a couple of questions: 1 - how far away is the nearest "high speed" internet connection (ADSL or Cable modem - minimum 500Kbps outbound connection speed) and is this where you are going to put the encoding computer?

2 - how much outbound bandwidth (usually measured in Gigabytes/month) are you allowed?

I get many requests for information on how to set up a wildlife camera in or near a nest.

Rather than answer them all repeatedly, I've put this article together to put most of the information in one place and give people a head-start with their project without waiting for an answer.

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