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I printed my very first postcard with them in 1997 ish. I usually have a batch that I think ‘work together’ & he helps establish a priority or hierarchy.

It was a sunset silhouette of Stonehenge, wish I knew where that slide was. Designed & laid out by my good friend & talented artist Dustin Ortiz We have worked together on a few projects now & he always has a great new eye on things. For example, having Tony’s face so big on the promo was his call, I would have been maybe a little leery of that because its… But, fuck it, its a great shot of a cool looking dude – sometimes you just need someone to tell you that ‘yeah, that’s rad, run it big’. Around 2000, Mailed 1500 ish & picked the remainder up locally at Modern Postcard for hand written notes, leave behinds & a bunch for my reps. 2-3 times a year ideally, but, I always have ambitions of doing more than I actually send out.

Acclaimed instructor, Kathy Holcombe is returning to Creative Live to teach a course on Building Your Photography Business for Under ,000.

To be entered for a chance to win the grand prize listed below, simply RSVP to the course between now and June 30, 2017.

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