Truckdrivers online dating sex dating in levant kansas

Pushing themselves beyond their physical abilities, they put their own wellbeing at risk, to say nothing of the wellbeing of the other drivers on the road.You will have to face lots of issues if you think of dating a truck driver.She met me for coffee not long after joining Stitch and showed me a 90-page dossier she had prepared for me.She wanted me to truly understand how the scammers worked.

Despite rules on how many miles a driver can log and mandated breaks after the 70-hour mark, many truckers take on extra shifts for the overtime pay.Being a truck driver is not a simple matter of driving cargo from one point to another.Truckers are expected to work 70 hours a week for eight days at a stretch.But studies relying on biological samples suggested an average prevalence of 3.6%.Truck drivers live solitary lives – miles upon miles of endless roads, days turning into nights, just them and their massive vehicles.

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