Xref layers not updating

When adding labels in the current drawing to objects referenced from an xref, the labels are placed on a layer in the current drawing based on the style definition.To save your changes to layer settings, enter VISRETAIN at the command line, and set the variable to 1.So after you insert the xref, you can freeze the area label layer and the parcel segments will remain visible.Then if you freeze the parcel segment layer, the entire parcel will disappear.After you load the LISP file, run the command Xrecol and select the xref.The LISP code sets Visretain to 0, reloads the xref, then sets Visretain back to 1.You can use Auto CAD commands to control the display of Xrefs.For example, you can change the color, visibility, linetype, and other properties of xref layers with the Auto CAD VISRETAIN system variable.

You brought a title block into a drawing as an Xref, and these custom fields did not update.

You may have brought in your title blocks as block files in the past, and the custom fields updated successfully.

You're wondering why they are not updating when you bring them in as Xrefs.

An xref should automatically update in the working dwg!

TY Hello, I have a background that it is constantly being upgraded due to changes this drawing is being xref into the MEP working dwgs.

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